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Download our 2018 flyer here Valid until 28/02/18

Tips to reduce your office carbon footprint

Tips to reduce your office carbon footprint

There’s no reason why you can’t be as environmentally conscious at your workplace as you are in your home. Every bit counts even the little things!

Here are some simple things you can do around the office to lessen your carbon footprint.

  • Lighting

The best light is natural light so the more you have the better. This might simply mean moving around your office furniture and positioning desks or workstations closer to windows or removing blinds or shutters. Having more natural light can also help with minimising fatigue.

Switching to LED lighting or other energy saving lighting where possible will also have the added benefit of being more economical to run. Outside of office hours, be sure to turn off any appliance, lighting, or equipment that is not needed.

  • Recycle

Wherever possible choose to recycle. Recycling is not just for paper and recyclable materials, it can be for electronic equipment and furniture. You can encourage staff to recycle by making it easier by placing recycle bins around lunch rooms, hallways etc.

  • Reduce paper waste

Consider whether you need something printed before you print it. If you do need to print something out try and use your printer’s double-sided print feature if it is available. Try to re-use scrap paper for taking notes or messages and wherever possible keep notes and messages in a digital format.

  • Temperature control

Many offices are temperature controlled by thermostat. Even a small adjustment of just 1 or 2 degrees can make a big difference over time as to how much energy you use, and you’ll also get the benefit of a lower power bill.
If possible and practical, you should open windows in warmer months to let in fresh air and help cool your office. Seal any gaps around doors or windows to stop heat or cool from escaping.

  • Travel

Once you become aware of ways to reduce your carbon footprint keep looking for other creative ways to improve. Cycling to work can also keep you fit and taking public transport might be cheaper and can give you time to relax on the way to or from the office. Even if you do this only one day a week, that’s over one month’s worth after one year!

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